We Didn’t Invent Thanksgiving

I read a great article on Thanksgiving by the Institute of HeartMath , on it’s meaning and what gratitude does for our mind and body.

I loved that the author shared how Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world. It’s not an American holiday, yet I would bet most Americans think we invented it.

In truth, we tapped in to a wonderful tradition observed by many countries and cultures:

“Thanksgiving was celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October this year, as it has been since 1957, to offer thanks at the end of the harvest season. Chung Ch’ui in China and Chuseok in Korea are major three-day national thanksgiving harvest festivals whose date of celebration varies slightly each year during the nations’ harvest seasons. Among other countries that celebrate a national day of thanks are Australia, part of India, Japan, Liberia and Malaysia. Many other nations hold a variety of events to express gratitude for their nations’ harvests.”

So many people lack a global perspective. I am grateful that as I work around the world, I see the world in a different way. There are amazing people everywhere I go. My perspective has changed from Us vs. Them to We Are All One. Because I travel, I have experienced this first hand.

I wish I could transfer this feeling to everyone I touch.

This year, while you are feeling grateful for your life and the people you love, see if you can open your heart to pray for peace, love and abundance for all people around the world. Then do it again the day after Thanksgiving, and every day when you have a quiet moment to share.